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  • What fabric material do we use?
    We use natural biodegradable indigenous raw materials to make our handloom fabrics from Eri Silk a.k.a. Peace Silk/ Ahimsa Silk from Meghalaya, Khadi Cotton from Bengal, Linen from Bengal and Wool from Himachal Pradesh. The T shirts are made of 100% cotton that is ring spun, preshrunk and softner finished.
  • What kind of fabric dyes do we use?
    We use Natural dyes extracts and dye plants (flower, seed, leaves, skin, bark, etc). Natural materials are required in ratios 50% to 100% with respect to the weight of fabric/ yarn to be dyed. The process involves boiling the dye bath for an hour to achieve the desired shade. Natural dyes are made of natural pigments, they need chemical mordants and tannins for fixation. Naturally dyed products need special loving & caring, which is true for all hand made things. Hand made needs hand care. They can be machine washed but a gentle hand wash is much preferred with non-alkaline soap. Dry in shade. Color shade of every dye material depends on quality of water used, utensils, modifiers & mordants. The color palette is composed of muted hues of yellow, green, brown, beige, grey, blue & red. We often use overdyeing and eco-printing technique to achieve a textured result. We also use cold reactive dyes that are versatile for all kinds of natural fabric. They do not need heat in the fixation process and are required in very less amounts with respect to the weight of fabric to be dyed. They are certified as eco-friendly low impact dyes by international textile standards like the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and OEKO-TEX. These dyes can be mixed together resulting in an array of vibrant shades that are color fast. We are mindful about our production quantity, consumption of materials & energy in the production process.
  • How much time does it take to make a custom designed hand-dyed product?
    The designing, tying and dyeing process takes 5-6 hrs, depending upon the intricacy of the design. Once dyed, the product is cured for dye fixation overnight. We generally make similar concept designs in a batch of 3-5 products.
  • What is the lead time of a product from order entry to delivery?
    For orders less than 10 products, 10 days for design and creation. We can ship a min order of 3 products for free anywhere in India within 7-14 days through India Post depending on the proximity of the delivery address to be shipped. Urgent shipping will be charged. For bulk order upto 50 products in maximum 5 designs, Delivery time will be 45 to 60 days. We do international worldwide shipping through UPS, order reaches at your doorstep within 10-18 days. Product price is exclusive of shipping.
  • How can you care for your personalized product?
    Wash your garment in cold water. Hand-wash separately for the first 3-4 times, there may be some color bleeding; since the products are not industrially finished using harsh chemicals. Machine wash at 40 degrees cycle after 3 washes. Wash only when needed, hence saving water. Do not use hot water or bleach. Do not soak the garment in water for more than 15 mins.
  • What are the unique selling points of Shly Dyes?
    -Exclusive one-of-a-kind handcrafted products, from farm to fashion. -Co-design, collaborate, co-create, customize and personalize your own product with us. -We only use natural materials being mindful of our consumption. -We work with rural, tribal & indigenous artisans based in Meghalaya, West Bengal & Himachal Pradesh. -Our collective intention is to make the art & craft around weaving and fashion a sustainable profession for the present and future generation, through social entrepreneurship, co-learning and collaborating with global artists, designers and craft collectors. -Up-cycle & re-design your used product with us in terms of dyeing, printing and mending.
  • How can you up-cycle an old & used product?
    Schedule a call or write into us at We'll first understand your requirement, then arrange a pick up from your doorstep, re-design & re-color the garment and send it back to you.
  • How can you enroll yourself and your friends for a tie-dyeing workshop/ training session?
    Whatsapp us at +919833484181 or write into us at Depending upon the number of craft enthusiasts we would either arrange a physical venue or have a zoom call with the required raw materials and have a fun filled interactive session on how you can easily dye fabric & garments using natural or reactive dyes with different techniques like tie dyeing, shibori, ecoprinting, etc. -Jeet

"An idea of making a regular clothing article unique and memorable, through artistic expression and color play."

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