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A love story with one of the most sustainable & strongest fibers known man, Eri Silk a.k.a. Ryndia, and the tribal artisans of Meghalaya. The weavers are from diverse backgrounds and demography. The Hajong, Rabha, Koch & Garo tribes live in the Garo Hills whereas Jaintia and Khasi Tribes live in Jaintia and Khasi Hills respectively. Eri Silk is also called as Peace silk or Ahimsa Silk, as the silk worms are not harmed during the cocoon extraction process.


Back in 2020-21 Jeet was introduced to the crafty terrain through a Delhi based NGO, Center for the Study of Caste & Capitalism. The idea was of social entrepreneurship, preservation of local crafts and strive to make hand weaving as a sustainable profession of the weavers of Meghalaya. Together set up a facility in Shillong, where tribal artisans from all over Meghalaya come to learn and improve their weaing skills. Post training begins the journey of establishing a market value for the co-designed products. The brand TRIWEA - Tribal Weaves is developed for this purpose. 

We invite designers, artists, artisans and curators from all over the globe to co-design  & collaborate with the amazing artisans co-creating hancrafted wearable art, slow and sustainable, building beautiful stories of artisanhip. We use natural fibers like Eri Silk, Linen, Khadi cotton, Modal and Wool; that are naturally dyed with locally available dye plants & materials.

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