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Conscious living with Sustainable Fashion

Being born in the 20th century we're blessed with a life of abundance. Since the industrial revolution and the mass production of apparels, came the advent of fast fashion- a trend driven retail concept of lookalike clothing & lifestyle products. This poses a major social & environmental threat, owing to the huge volume of labor & materials involved in the process. As ethical consumers we intend to practice gratitude & empathy towards every being around us and the nature of our environment; making sustainable fashion choices helping each other build a safer and delightful future.

The capitalist city culture has over the ages has deeply disturbed the artisan craft culture. Artisan made goods have become a mere souvenir instead of a daily useable functional product that is also aesthetically appealing to the modern consumer. Artisans have become dependent on middle men for their work which they get very cheaply paid. Owing to this a lot of artisans end up pursuing daily wage labor jobs to support their living. The creative spirit of self-expression is getting lost.

One of the boons of our modern technological advancement is the power of communication and the ability of showcasing your work on global platforms in front of a diverse international audience. My mission is to bring together artisan communities in the spirit of co-creating together. Artisan communities dealing with natural fibers like wool, cotton, linen, silk, viscose, etc. Artisan collaborations between communities of weavers, knitters, dyers, printers, embroiderers and fashion designers; facilitating a blend of traditional and modern art, craft and design. Together we are stronger and resilient. A need to revolutionize the handicraft business that is intertwined and every artisan is an owner/ entrepreneur. Handcrafted experiences of customized fashion and space décor.

At Shly Dyes, we are here to create an exclusively designed & handcrafted product that reflects your true individuality. Our motto is to take things slow and to be in total control of the product life-cycle. We love to indulge in co-designing, where you may co-create the product with us- select a sample product design and personalize it as per your preferences in terms of colors and subtlety to vividness of the design. With an idea to develop a product that is unique to your nature, we take you through the creative process sharing various stages of product design before the final product reaches your doorstep. 



We generally tend to discard some of our favorite clothes that have gotten old, faded, stained or out of fashion. These often end up being piled in our closets or worse as a waste in the dump-yard. Some of us even choose to donate unused and out of size clothes to the impoverished people in our society. 

Here at Shly Dyes we encourage you to up-cycle, reuse and hence increase the wearable life of your favorite piece of clothing. Send us a message, we'll arrange a pick up service, redesign/ re-color your clothes with a fresh perspective and send them back to you.      

Up-cycle Evolve


Be the Change...

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